Attacking the Citadel of Bad Science

Courts are notorious for allowing bad science into evidence at trials even when the outcome can be so severe to the defendant.  It is even more difficult to persuade a Court that what has been accepted as “scientific” is wrong, and has been wrong for a long time, and the Courts must change.

Social Media and Self Incrimination

Most of us know the mild embarrassment that follows a poorly thought out social media post. But a growing number of people in Minnesota and throughout the United States are facing criminal trouble due to ill-advised posts, pictures and videos posted online.

Jeffrey Ring
Are Minnesota's DWI Laws Unconstitutional?

A string of recent court decisions has Minnesota DWI statutes under fire. For some facing drunk driving charges today, the legal issues may not be clear until the U.S. Supreme Court weighs in on the constitutionality of Minnesota's laws in June.

Jeffrey Ring