Top 5 Ways To Get Pulled Over By The Police

No one likes getting pulled over, but there are certain types of drivers who are more likely to get stopped. Here are the top five ways to get pulled over by the police. 


Traffic cops are on the lookout for speed demons because of the increased risk these drivers pose to everyone on the road. Reaction time drops and casualties rise the faster you drive. Many officers admit that there is a five to seven mile buffer above the speed limit that you can drive without being at a higher risk for a stop, but any faster than that - look out.

Text or Call While Driving

Illegal cell phone use is especially dangerous, and it is also easy to spot. Distracted driving is an easy way to tee off any officer, so leave that quick call on hold for a minute until you get to your destination. It can wait.

Hazardous Driving

Many people seem to forget that the road signs placed on the side of the street are laws, not suggestions. Making an illegal U-turn, pulling a "sort of" stop at a stop sign, or refusing to yield the right of way when a sign says to are easy ways to get pulled over. Many officers will park themselves right by these signs, because they know people ignore them.

Faulty Cars

An even easier catch than a cell phone driver is a driver with a busted taillight or a brake light that doesn't work. Because these are so simple for a cop to spot, they lead to stops, which can lead to more serious charges.


If you follow the car in front of you too closely, expect to get pulled over.

No matter what you are stopped for, be polite and attentive when a cop pulls you over. Follow all physical directions. If you disagree with the cop, remember that getting pulled over is not a statement of guilt; the officer is just accusing you. Do not have court on the street. Fight your tickets the right way by talking to an experienced defense attorney. If you have been charged with DWI or another serious crime in connection with a traffic stop, it is even more important to talk to a defense lawyer you can trust.

Jeffrey Ring