Defending your DWI


State and local drunk driving laws are strict. Judges are rarely sympathetic. To achieve the best outcome, you need a top attorney who knows how to build an effective defense.

Jeffrey B. Ring & Associates is innovative and on the cutting edge of DUI law in Minnesota. The firm's consistent record of success is attributable to our persistent review of every facet of a case.

DWI Cases are Not Easy to Win.



What Our Attorneys Look For In Building A DWI Defense

Even the smallest crack in a case can have such a significant impact on the penalties you face and/or the acceptance of the evidence presented that you could find your charges dismissed or penalties significantly reduced.

At Jeffrey B. Ring & Associates, I know the procedures police are required to follow when making a stop and arresting you. I look for:

  • Illegal stops
  • Illegal searches
  • Illegal arrests
  • Failure to give Miranda warnings
  • Misleading police statements
  • Inconsistent evidence
  • Violations of your pretest right to call a lawyer
  • Violations of your right to an independent test the police don't tell you about

I understand the science involved in breath, blood and urine tests and have a good grasp of the law relating to refusing DWI testing. I look for:

  • Improper tests
  • Tests not administered correctly
  • Machine malfunction/calibration issues
  • Equipment not tested
  • Questionable lab results

As a former prosecutor, attorney Ring anticipates the strategies to be used by the prosecution and is prepared to counter them at every turn.

In the end, we are realistic. Not every case is winnable. I will be honest in my assessment of your case and the chances of a complete win, but I can always enhance the outcome.



How To Choose A DWI Lawyer

A good attorney knows the constantly changing DUI statutes inside and out, and is familiar with the case law governing DWI.

Find an attorney willing to help you understand the process so you can make appropriate decisions and be prepared for every step. An attorney also should care enough to learn about every detail of your case.

You need honesty, and you need aggressive representation through the entire process.



The DWI attorney at Jeffrey B. Ring & Associates is relentless in his pursuit of every possible defense. Contact the firm for a free consultation with a lawyer who understands the law and will protect your rights

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