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I don't judge you, I don't lecture you, I defend you.


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Over 35 Years of Experience

I have seen DWI cases from every angle and defended clients against a wide variety of misdemeanor and felony charges. After 10 years as a prosecutor in Freeborn and Hennepin counties, I've spent nearly 30 years in private practice, honing my skills through the vigorous defense of my clients' rights.


A Former Prosecutor, and I Am in It to Win It

I am a former prosecutor, and I am in it to win it. 

Can every single criminal case be won? No. But I will explore every possibility for victory before pursuing other means to minimize the damage. I am known for winning a disproportionate share of the cases I take on and have secured landmark wins in the Court of Appeals that are redefining DUI defense.

My legal acumen has not gone unnoticed by my colleagues in the legal community. I am asked several times each year to teach other Minnesota lawyers how to defend and win DWI cases at seminars and workshops. I am also called upon by members of my profession to lecture on the cutting-edge strategies needed to fight the consequences of harsh new laws governing DWI and license revocations.


I Get It

You have a lot at stake, including your financial stability, your personal freedoms, your job and your reputation. I will fight aggressively to protect you from the harsh consequences of DWI and criminal charges.

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